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Familial Duty
Series: Scrambled Circuits
Shortly after leaving his book store job, Primus gets an unfortunate call from his mother.
Everyone Integrates
Series: Scrambled Circuits
Primus takes a visit to his mother's place in the desert and has a talk with her cat.
Family Circuits
Series: Scrambled Circuits
Primus has a birthday and eats no cake.
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An Abbreviated Account
Series: Scrambled Circuits
Eight stories of disturbingly ordinary terror! Join Primus from childhood into young adulthood as he tries to terms with his love of art and his family's apparent disinterest in it.
Defining Moments
Series: Scrambled Circuits
In this issue, Primus meets a girl robot in one of his classes, talks politics with his brother, experiences the healing powers of music, and doodles some awesome hand turkeys!
Origin Story
Series: Scrambled Circuits
The naive robot Primus stars in ten stories regarding important issues like how to flirt using modern technology, survive a political argument, and how a child builds their personality.
A Collection of Vignettes
Series: Scrambled Circuits
This first collection features over 30 pages of comics across 9 stories dealing with such harrowing topics as caffeine induced hallucinations, battling giant spiders, creating meaningful art, and working in retail.
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